This is a true 3 year guaranteed interest rate annuity.

Interest Rate:

3.10% ($250,000+)
3.00% ($10,000 - $249,999)
Guaranteed For 3 Years

Guaranteed Period: Guaranteed For 3 Years
Surrender Charges: 3 Years
7,6,5, (30 day window)

+/- MVA

�The MVA is not applied in the states of DE, MO, OR, PA & WA
Commission reduced in these states.)

Minimum Deposit: $10,000
Issue Age: 0-90
States NOT approved in: NY
Free Withdrawal: �10% of the previous anniversary
�RMD's allowed in all years (chargebacks in Year 1).

Can annuitize at any time. minimum of 10 years, or for 5 years after the initial guarantee period.

Death Benefits: �Full account value at death.
Commission: 1.00% (0-80)
0.75% (81-85)
0.50% (86-90)

(DE Commission reduced)

Waivers None
Contracting: Agent Appointment
Company Ratings: B++ by A.M. Best
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