This is a true 7 year guaranteed interest rate annuity.

Interest Rate:

3.15% (100,000+)
2.85% ($10,000 - $99,999)

Guaranteed Period: Guaranteed For 7 Years
Surrender Charges: 7 Years with MVA
8% Year 1
8% Year 2
8% Year 3
7% Year 4
6% Year 5
5% Year 6
4% Year 7
30 day window
During your 30-day window you can surrender your annuity for cash
with no surrender charges or market value adjustment.
Minimum Deposit: $10,000 to $1,000,000
Issue Age: 0-85 (75 for qualified funds)
States NOT approved in: IA, MN, MO, SC
Free Withdrawal: After the first contract year, 15% of the previous anniversary

Activities of Daily Living

Death Benefits: If the spouse is the sole beneficiary may elect to become “owner” or receive a distribution.
Non-Spousal bene total distribution within five years
Commission: 2.00% 0-80
1.00% 81-90
Riders: Activities of Daily Living
Company Ratings: A by A.M. Best

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