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Back Office Support

Assistance is given at every level during the processing of your case.  Help can be received in completing the initial paperwork (application, 1035 exchange or qualified transfers, disclosures, replacement forms, etc).  Follow-up is done with each company where a case has been placed and the agent is informed each step of the way.  We work on sending clean cases to the companies, however if a problem occurs, we work to clear up whatever the problem is with the accepting company or the transfer company.  We try to get the case completed as swiftly as possible in the shortest amount of time.  We also keep the agent informed on the schedule of the commission payment.  Any problems, we will assist in settling them.

Marketing & Sales Ideas For Agents
Professional Annuity Sales Kits

Gives us a call before your next meeting and we will help you choose the appropriate product for your client and give you some specific sales ideas. To help you make a professional presentation FSD will put together a sales kit for you. The sales kit includes all necessary carrier paperwork like transfer, replacement and disclosure forms as well as easy to follow product specifications so you will  be prepared for any questions your client may have. FSD stocks all of our top carriers supplies so we can get them out to you in a hurry. Let FSD help you make the sale.

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Truly independent annuity marketing!

Almost every day I speak with agents who may work through more than one wholesaler. The most common complaint is the lack of availability of the senior personnel at these firms. This can mean the agent has to learn about products on his own or try to figure out the correct forms necessary to complete the sale. Once the sale is made the processing work comes into play. If a 1035 exchange is involved, timing can be critical to make sure the rate is not lost. Additionally, if the paperwork goes to a home office incomplete or incorrect a long time delay may occur and a rate may expire.

A less common complaint yet, I feel a more important one is that many large wholesalers are not truly independent. They are owned by an insurance company. If you find yourself inundated with information about one company’s products from your wholesaler, you may ask if you are getting a true reading of the marketplace.

At FSD we believe our job is to deliver to our agents the most competitive products available in the market from financially secure companies. We are truly independent. A family owned and run business. We offer recommendations based on all available information to find the appropriate product without consideration of overrides or a preferred carrier, as an independent should.

At FSD we want to help our agents. We are happy to do the submission to the company. Many agents send the paperwork direct, but fax us copies so we can follow up on the status. We strive to make your job easier so you can be out in the market doing what you do best – SELL! Many of the other wholesalers believe their job is to recruit as many agents as possible. At FSD we believe our job is to make our contracted agents bigger producers. As president of FSD, I am always available to speak with agents. I look forward to it. Perhaps a new idea (or even an old one) comes out which leads to a new marketing thrust. Please feel free to call or e-mail FSD for any assistance you may need.

Another area FSD has tried to help is through our website At the site you will find current interest rates updated daily, request a sales kit, sales ideas, articles and other features to help our agents do their jobs better.

All the staff at FSD wants to help you become a bigger producer. Give us a call, we work for you.


We are regularly getting rate changes from our carriers. The website will be updated. Please call FSD or check the web for the correct rates because they change quickly. Getting appointed will help you stay up to date with new product offerings, commission specials and enables faster policy and commission issuing.

Join FSD and receive detailed client illustrations, professional sales kits, fixed annuity product training and so much more.

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