Pre-Appointment Background Check Requirements
Several jurisdictions require a background check PRIOR TO the appointment of an insurance producer. To help identify which jurisdictions have this requirement, American National has created a list of jurisdictions, along with authorities that created the requirement.
Alabama AL. Bulletin 1-24-2002
Arkansas AR Code Ann 23-66-513.
Only for producers with no prior appointments on his/her AR License.
California CA Ins. 1705
Florida FL. Stat. Ann. 626.451
Kentucky KY Rev. Stat. Ann. 304.9-270
Minnesota MN Stat. Ann. 60K.50
Mississippi MS Code Ann. 83-17-75
North Carolina 11 NCAC 6A.0412
Oklahoma OK Admin. Code 365:1-9 12.2
Pennsylvania 31 PA Code 37.62
South Carolina SC COR R. 60-23
West Virginia WV C.S.R. 114-2-2


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