Split Annuity Illustration Using A Deferred Annuity - Examples

A Split Annuity is the combination of guaranteed interest accumulation and income payout.
The benefits of a split annuity include tax excluded income and a guarantee of principal. Income starts in one month!

NQ - High exclusion ratio / tax brackets

Qualified -  Pension IRA rollovers


to a Period Certain Immediate Annuity

to purchase a
10-year Deferred Annuity



Annuitant receives
Per month for 10 Yrs

Based on 100% Cost Basis)

Current Interest Rate
4.90% Year 1
 3.90% Years 2-10
(4.00% Yield)

Guaranteed Over
the 10 Years


After 10 years a GUARANTEED,
will be available to the annuitant.


Income using systematic withdrawals of interest, can be stopped and started. Income not taken will be credited to deferred side.

to purchase a
7-year Deferred Annuity


Average Month
for 7 Years

Varies by days in month
(100% Taxable)

Current Interest Rate
Guarantee For 7 Years


After 7 years a GUARANTEED,
will be available to the annuitant.

Rates may vary in some states.
Updated 05/05/2018

FSD can customize a split annuity illustration based on age, income desired and with term from (5 - 10 years).

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