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Jeff Affronti, PRESIDENT

Email -  Jeff@fsdfinancial.com 



Traditional Fixed Rate and Immediate Annuities for the extremely risk adverse! 

You know that client who insists on having everything guaranteed in writing. That is where I come in, I have been working with agents to find unique and suitable fixed products for retirement savings and income. We only use fixed insurance products from Client Oriented Carriers that are committed not only to the fixed insurance marketplace, but also to the agents and clients that put there trust in them. 

For 21 years I have been finding the most competitive fixed annuity carriers and guiding agencies, agents, individuals, affinity groups, fee only planners, CFP's, CLU's, foundations, 503 institutions, and even property and casualty P&C agents to the guaranteed products the need.

I enjoy educating on the wonderful and often misunderstood world of tax-deferred FIXED Annuities. I help make it a simple learning curve for agents who may not use fixed annuities often. These agents find comfort in our client oriented products and demand a high satisfaction rate for their client. 

For accumulation and lifetime income needs, fixed annuities offer guarantees that have been depended on for over 100 years. I am an immediate annuity expert as well, illustrating and designing income plans using SPIAs every day since 1996. I will shop the market for a spread of pricing, options and carrier security. With well over 1 billion dollars in fixed annuity premium placed as an IMO/MGA I hope you give me a try on your next fixed or immediate annuity case! 

Specialties: Service, current fixed annuity evaluations, social media marketing, multi-year fixed rate deferred annuities, NO LOAD immediate annuities, life insurance commission, retirement income, insurance marketing, guaranteed income for life programs, training, product creation and review, sales, gift annuity programs, shorter term surrender charge periods, on-line advertising, expert witness, web design, SEO and back office administration.



Email - Darren@fsdfinancial.com

Darren adds to the service of our agents with his experience of products and company procedures. He manages the taunting task of updating forms and state approvals which which change often with 20 plus carriers. Darren also supervises all requests for underwritten / substandard annuities.
Expert life producers contact Darren for unbelievable top level life contracts.


Bob Affronti, FOUNDER

An innovator in the field, Bob Affronti has 35 years of experience in the annuity and pension industry. Bob spent nearly 20 years of his career as Regional Director and National Annuity Director for Crown Life Insurance Company where he designed and distributed Crown's portfolio of fixed annuities and GIC's.

Bob has been responsible for broker training, contracting and distributing fixed annuities on a national level. Bob also provides consulting services to annuity carrier regarding product design , agent training and distribution programs .He has helped on issues such as compliance, pricing and new product approvals.

In 1995 he took FSD to the level of an independent 3rd party annuity wholesaler. FSD serves as the "annuity desk" to national life/health insurance wholesalers, but now extends its services to the independent life insurance broker. Bob is referred to as Mr.SPIA by his peers due to his great attention to the SPIA products and marketplace. Bob enjoys working directly with agents in providing the right product for the situation. 

Having established his expertise on the carrier side and extending his concentration to the national wholesale level solidifies Bob's understanding of the entire industry, thus providing distinguished insight into the dynamic annuity marketplace.

Bob passed away on 05/29/2012 we love and miss him.
5 Years - 05/29/2017 wish you were here Pops!

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